Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday: Weighing In

Today, for the third day in a row, I weighed in at 130.5. That puts me at 1.5 lbs. down this past week. I know this close to my goal weight, I can expect it to be slowing down a little.

I was REALLY hoping to see the 120s! But, I often seem to get treacherously hung up at the threshold of each new lower decade. I do not really think that my body conspires to leave me lingering in the doorway of every new set of numbers . . . . but it feels like that when I step on the scale sometimes!

I guess some numbers just make me a little more impatient than others.

From 222 to 220 was easy, actually!
From there to the 210s was not too bad.
But, crossing that magical border from TWOderville to ONEderland --- now, that seemed to take FOREVER!

Oh, what a happy day that was! I celebrated in a healthy non-food way, with a professional bra fitting and an appointment with a hairdresser.

I have tried to do something positive to reward myself for each new transition. I wanted to enjoy the journey, and to develop a new self-image as I moved from morbidly obese to slim and trim.

190s? A bra-fitting, pretty new undies, and a trip to the hair salon.
180s? A manicure and tooth-whitening kit.
170s? T-Tapp exercise DVDs and a skin-brushing kit.
160s? New smaller clothes! (Up until then, I was 'shopping' in my storage boxes.)
150s? An inexpensive microdermabrasion kit for pretty skin.
140s? More new clothes, even smaller!
130s? A Needak Rebounder, and adorable new pajamas, in a size SMALL!
120s? We'll place a deposit on a cabin for the upcoming Kimkins Cruise in February!
Goal? (118) The rest of the Kimkins Cruise, and some MORE new clothes!

Bring it on!

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