Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sonic Drive-In, Low-Carb Style

Though hardly fine dining, Sonic is one of those places just about anyone who lives with driving distance of one ends up at sometimes. It's just so convenient when you are out and about.

We stopped there for a quick bite this weekend, and I was glad I had prepared myself with a handy guide to what-to-order-where.

Lots of low-carbers know to order a burger or grilled chicken, and just toss the bun and any carby go-withs. I have often done that. I am often skeptical of what might be injected into or sauced onto some of the meats, though. I will usually get a salad if I can, just because I do like my veggies, and appreciate the fiber and the freshness. Many fast food salads can cost hundreds of calories and 13 - 19 carbs or more, though, so do not assume that just because it is a salad it is safe diet food. A fully dressed Caesar with croutons and cheese is not much different from a cheeseburger, by the time you add it all up.

Here is an online nutritional guide to Sonic Drive-In.

I ended up choosing the Grilled Chicken Salad, listed at 19 carbs. However, that includes the crouton packet which I tossed, the onion ring which I gave to my teen, and the grated carrots which I scooped out and left alone. I got it with a packet of Light Ranch Dressing, which I didn't bother to use, because the warm chicken had semi-melted the grated cheese, and it actually tasted quite 'dressed' enough just from that. Altogether very satisfying!

I ordered iced tea, because it is normally my stand-by when at a restuarant, but the diet limeade or diet cherry limeade would also have been decent choices.

So, if there is a Sonic near you, plan ahead!


Lee said...

There are no Sonics near here and while in Texas I couldn't dare pull into one. There would have been no wise choosin goin on. LOL

Becky said...

I hear you, Lee!

We didn't have any nearby when I lived in California, either.

Thankfully, for me, the novelty has worn off by now.

Now, Steak 'n Shake - that's harder! Did you go there when you were out here?

Those places have carbs and grease and sugar packaged in more ways than anyone thought possible. Yummy ways, too. No wonder Americans battle obesity!

Lee said...

Hi Becky,
Steak 'n Shake used to be a treat
that I could get in central Illinois when traveling so I would always look forward to it. Now they are all over here and haven't had any in a couple of years. We also have a chain called Culvers WOW!!! And when in California
I never skip In 'n Out. Double Double
can't help myself. But next time I'll
only weigh 180 and won't feel guilty about my rare treat.


Becky said...

We didn't have Steak 'n Shake in San Diego, but no matter. It pales in comparison to In 'n Out, as far as I'm concerned. In 'n Out has a very limited menu, but it does those things the BEST, and also has much better prices, as I recall. I would never make a trip back to San Diego without stopping at In 'N Out a time or two.

Do you know they have a 'secret' menu? I would get a double, grilled onions, protein style. That's 2 beef patties, no cheese, wrapped generously in big lettuce leaves with all the fixings. Yum!

Now, if I were at goal, I'd have to toss in those wonderful fries and a shake, too.

So, send me a picture of your skinny self eating an In 'n Out burger. I will try not to drool too much!