Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chipotle! (This is how I get in trouble!)

Creamy, rich foods! My downfall. I would take that over sweets any day!

We decided to go to Chipotle this afternoon, so the kids could spend time with friends after church.

Now, I know what to get there - a simple and delicious salad, just lettuce and delectable meat and grilled fajita veggies and yummy green salsa, no dressing.

Then why, oh why, did a "Yes" suddenly come out of my mouth when the server pointed to the guacamole?!

I mentally toted up the calculations at lightening speed. I told myself what a healthy fat it was, and that I had been eating quite lean lately. I convinced myself I 'needed' it. At least I did ask for only a half-portion. But, it pushed me up near my personal limits.

I will do it differently next time. *It was good, though!*

If you have a fondness for Chipotle, check out these calculators to help you choose what to order:

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