Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tone and Tighten

I'm pretty pleased with how my body has toned and tightened and shaped up as I have lost the weight. I feared it would be much worse! After all, I'm almost 53, I have been pregnant, oh, it seems like half my life (11 times), and been varying degrees of plump, fat, or obese for years. Kind of a worst case scenario.

But I have done things on and off to help myself as much as I could, and I am working more faithfuly at this as I approach goal. I will be sharing some of my favorite ways to shape up and take care of skin issues as I go along, but my latest find is my new Needak Rebounder with stabilizer bar. I just LOVE it!

It lets me get a good cardio workout with low impact,and it is just plain fun! I think it has all kinds of health benefits, and delivers greater results with less effort and strain.

I take off my shoes, turn on my handy-dandy iPod loaded with several Cardio Coach workouts, and have a great time getting toned and tightened!


Phillip Winn said...

So it bounces? How much variety is there in the exercises? One leg, two legs, red legs, blue legs? ;-)

Becky said...

. . . black legs, blue legs, old, legs, new legs!

In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss, "From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." "These things are fun, and fun is good"

Hey, you walk 10,000 steps a day. How much variety is in THAT?!

Seriously, I like walking, and I like this, too. You can do all kinds of fancy moves, but I mostly do a walk/jog/run in place in interval sequence. It's bouncy and springy and gentler on your old mama here, with less impact, more movement, and greater results than on pavement

When you guys come over, test it out! The kiddos will enjoy it, I think! We'll take it out on the patio, and bounce while we grill.