Tuesday, July 10, 2007

90 lbs.Down and Feeling Fine!

Today was a big milestone for me! This morning, when I stepped on the scales, I weighed 132. Now, that’s still too large a number for someone who's barely over 5′1″, so it hardly seems like a happy day — except that it was not so very long ago that I was at my highest weight of 222 lbs. Yes, 90 lbs. lost, melted away, burned up into ash and energy, and gone away for good!

I am not yet to my goal, so I still have some of my weight loss journey yet to go, but I know I will make it. The past 90 lbs. of loss seemed hard-fought and hard-won at times, and some days were a battle. Yet, looking back over these past months of losing weight, it seems the time has flown. It was worth every moment of effort to slip on and easily zip up the slacks that were packed away in my “Too Small” box for years. Sweet victory!

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Lee said...

Hi Becky,
Well look, now your a blogger too.
Didn't you have enough to do? LOL


Becky said...

Yes - but this is more fun!

You get a prize for posting the first comment to my new blog! How about we buy you a cup of coffee?

I enjoyed meeting you and Debbie so much. Did you see the picture in the Kimkins Cafe?? (Don't tell Debbie, but someone called you a handsome hunk of manhood.)

Lisa said...

Hi Becky! Congrats on the 90 pound loss. That is just incredible. I'm down 32 pounds and I'm about 10 pounds from goal. I've been keeping a blog since I started on Kimkins and found it a great way to chronicle the journey and keep me accountable. I look forward to reading more of your entries.
Lisa (aka scaleslave)

Becky said...

Lisa, WOOHOO! That must feel so wonderful, being so close to goal!

I am still losing nicely, even this close to goal, but I am working a lot on toning now, too. I can't believe how well by body has toned and tightened already, but my upper arms are flabby, so I know I have work to do. (UGH!)

I checked out your blog - very nice!You've had a lot of visitors and hits, it looks like.I was planning to post daily, with a weekly ezine coming out soon. I need to get that subscribe thing going. I am such a newbie at this! Maybe you can give me tips. (hint, hint)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! See you at Kimkins!

billie said...

You are doing a wonderful job Becky, It is such an inspiration to see others losing weight and being healthy. Kimkins is the best $60.00 I have ever spent I have lost 21 lbs so far. I started on June 21,2007.

Becky said...

Wow, Billie! Amazing progress! That's about a pound a day! Good for you!

I totally agree on the money. That's what just one dinner for 2 at Outback used to cost us, by the time we got a Blooming Onion, drinks, maybe dessert, and a tip. I have more than saved the joining fee many times over, just by less junk and fewer restaurant/fast food meals. And the health boost is priceless!

Thanks for the kind comment. I look forward to cheering you on to the finish line!

Lee said...

Wow I never would have seen that thread if you didn't mention it.
Thanks so much! We really enjoyed
our visit with you and Donnie. Next
time I buy the coffee.

I need to do some nutritional research, my Moms husband started
dialysis Saturday and she needs help, Just found out my brother is on insulin and sounds like his Doc
doesn't have a clue, and one of our
Kimkins mens is trying to do the diet and suffering with Gout. Got any reference sites for me?

And lastly, what is your new secret? your ticker is going crazy lately.

Becky said...

What did we do before Google? Nowadays, with just a few keystrokes, you can find out anything --- and half of it is even true!

Dialysis - I don't know much. Is this from diabetes-related kidney damage?

Low-carb and weight loss should help adult-onset diabetes tremendously. Lots of people get off meds completely with good diet and mild exercise like walking.

Gout and low-carb: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art20307.asp

For my weight loss, I also replied online, but I am sticking to the Kimkins plan, adding 1 or 2 exercise sessions(30 minutes each), dropped most of the sodas and sweeteners for 8 glasses of water, and started taking Syntrax Guggolbolic, to help with a diminished thyroid function, converting T4 thyroid hormone to the more active T3 form.

Now, exactly what part of that is working so well, I am not sure. But the main difference is the Guggulbolic.

Lee said...

Hi Becky,
Yes Google is great and i found most of what I wanted, but you gave me a couple sites I didn't see.

Mom's husband has lived with one kidney since a childhood accident. He does have diabetes but generally easy
to control with diet and a pill. Suddenly last week the kidney failed.

Brother was told by his Doc to eat the heart healthy diet so I've been trying to explain what LC might do for him.

As far as my question about what you're doing, I was kind of teasing that you were withholding a secret
weapon since you started losing faster. I now how long and hard this has sometimes been for you.
Feel free to look sideways at my questions to see if I've reverted to class clown.
Off to Wisconsin, have a nice weekend