Monday, July 30, 2007

Egg Foo Yung

These quick little Chinese egg pancakes are a great way to use up little bits of leftover meat. Try chicken, turkey bacon, pork, ham, shrimp, beef, or a combo - whatever you have will work! Just about any combination of vegetables you have on hand will work, too. Very versatile!

Egg Foo Yung
Makes 4 Servings, 2 Patties Each


8 eggs
1 - 2 cups cooked meat, shredded or diced
2 - 4 cups of low-carb vegetables, sliced or diced small
(examples: 1 cup diced celery, 1 cup sliced mushrooms, 1 cup mung bean sprouts, 1 cup sliced green onions. Also good with julienned green beans or snow peas or asparagus, diced bell peppers, shredded zucchini or cabbage, chopped fresh baby spinach, bamboo shoots, etc.)
salt and pepper, to taste
ginger, 1 tsp. (opt.)
soy sauce, as desired


1) Spray a skillet with non-stick spray, heat, and stir fry vegetables just until heated through.

2) Add meat and continue to stir fry until heated through. Remove from pan; drain in colander if needed. Set aside.

3) Wipe out pan, spray and heat again.

4) Lightly beat eggs, ginger, salt, pepper and 1 - 2 Tsp. of soy sauce, if desired.

5) Combine egg mixture evenly with veggie/meat mixture, stir together and drop by large spoonfuls in medium hot non-stick skillet. Brown on both sides, like a pancake. (This should make 8 large patties.) Serve with soy sauce (or foo yung sauce for family).

Foo Yung Sauce (for family)
3/4 cup chicken broth
3 teaspoons corn starch (or ThickenThin not/Starch thickener - low-carb!)
1 teaspoon vinegar (opt.)
1 teaspoon soy sauce - or to taste

Whisk the sauce ingredients together in a small sauce pan.
Over medium heat, bring the mixture to a boil, reduce heat and continue cooking until slightly thickened.
Serve over the egg foo yung.

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