Friday, May 29, 2009

Is Losing Weight Easier in the Summer?

Here it is, another perfect day in May, and I am doing GREAT at sticking with my eating plan and exercise routine.

A few months ago, I was struggling, at best. What's the difference?

For me, I wonder if it is the sunshine that puts me in a more optimistic frame of mind. I feel like the whole world is hopeful on a pretty summer day, and anything is possible.

Maybe it is just that I'm outdoors more, and more physically active.
I work in the garden, take the dogs for longer walks, generally move a lot more.
That makes me feel more like taking care of my body.

Maybe it is that I shed chilly-weather garments, and become more conscious of what has been lurking underneath the layers.
THERE'S motivation enough for anyone!

Whatever the reason, I am glad to be "in the zone" again, and intend to make the most of the summer advantage.

So, does anyone else have the same experience?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We've Got Class!

Results are in! Once again, the court quickly certified the case against Kimkins as worthy of Class Action status.

As always, John Tiedt rocks!

Apparently, Mr. Peabody's arguments didn't impress much.

Then again, how could ANYONE defend what Heidi Diaz has done? She did what she did, repeatedly, flagrantly, and has already admitted to the entire basis of the suit against her under oath during deposition testimony.

So now, officially, she is being sued not by a mere handful of individuals, as she has claimed, but by about 40,000 defrauded customers.

It's ON!

Court Hearing in Process NOW!

I haven't posted here or been online much in a while after all --- long story.

But I have access to a computer this morning, and had to hop on quickly to say that the motion to certify the lawsuit against Kimkins/Diaz as a Class Action should be underway NOW.

Many people have put enormous effort for countless hours into this, wanting to see Heidi Diaz held accountable for defrauding them. Attorney John Tiedt has valiantly done some amazing work, all without recompense so far.

Here's hoping the court sees things clearly, and certifies the case for class action today (AGAIN).

The best outcome would be if Heidi Diaz is NOT allowed to prosper for her lying, cheating, and fraud, but instead her ill-gotten gain goes to recompense the people she traded on, and especially to John Tiedt for his efforts to champion her victims.