Friday, October 5, 2007

The 'Professional' Practices of Kimkins, Revisited

On 9/27, I wrote:
~ Fraudulent Marketing: In her marketing campaign, she lied to prospective members by spamming Craigslist with fake listings to plug Kimkins, by posting phony 'articles' and answers and numerous blogs for Kimkins all over the internet under various names, by promoting Kimkins with false implied celebrity endorsements specifically to target teens, and primarily by posting numerous fraudulent 'success' stories with 'lifted' and photoshopped 'before' and 'after' pictures. She also made numerous claims she had no proof of or right to make, in violation of FTC regulations.

A recent breakthrough brought irrefutable proof of this false advertising. Struck by the thought that certain 'success story' models looked vaguely Eastern European, former Kimkins member vanillasky (aka Cilantro at lowcarbdiscussion, or Caro at LCF) decided to check Russian 'mail-order bride' sites, and soon stumbled upon a photo that Kimmer had claimed was an 'after' image of a Kimkins success. As news of that discovery spread across the internet, many other people, primarily a large contingent from LCF, began searching various similar sites, finding phony 'success' after 'success' very quickly.

They also found that the names Kimmer and Kimmer2 were already taken at some of those Russian site forums.

Remember "Kim Drake' in the leopard print blouse from Woman's World?

At the time of this writing, the group's efforts have uncovered the real photos of:
'Kim Drake', the alias that Heidi/Kimmer used in Woman's World magazine
'Vanessa', imaginary Kimkins Affiliate Manager
21 false 'success stories'

and are continuing to search for more.

See them all here at Kimkins Exposed.

It is now evident that Kimkins actually has very few verifiably real success stories.
At least one prominent success story freely admits to using Kimkins less than half of the time. Another one used another low-carb plan instead of Kimkins.

Even worse, at least half of the real success stories have now renounced Kimmer and Kimkins completely, and been banned from membership. Many of those have filed cease and desist orders, to have the use of their names, images, and stories completely removed from the site.

These photos seems to be clear evidence of criminal fraud. This information has been turned over to the proper authorities.

Kimkins is collapsing.


theTRUTH said...

I would think KTLA could not turn down the opportunity to reveal the mail order bride success stories. I can hear Heidi now: "My Kimkins test market was in fact, Russia..."

Becky said...

KTLA is aware of this development in the story.

JOY said...

This is craziness!! Know that you are in my prayers and how grateful we are that you are willing to stand up for integrity. May God bless you.

Becky said...

Thank you, Joy. My part is small. Many people are deeply involved in the effort to bring the truth to light.

Ally said...

I received an interesting newsletter from Kimkins (considering I'm banned) stating that Kimkins was sold and now under "new management" but that Kimmer herself would still be available to give "advice" at a different email address.

Interesting, no? And does she really think that by selling the company (yea, right - to who? The dog?) she's no longer responsible for the destruction she's unleashed on her unsuspecting members?

Oh, cannot wait for her day to come. I am so tired of her fun and games at this point.

twobig said...

read the email carefully. It does not say sold it says under new managemnt. all they had to do was add one partner or remove one partner and that is new management.

Kimmerexia said...

It was so great to be among several who were SEEN at last night!!!



billie said...

Becky, I admire you bringing this truth to light. I myself was having some awful side effects and decided to quit Kimkins and got banned because I questioned her story and whether it was true. I would have never joined had I not read the woman's world article and thought Kimmers' story was true. To find it was a lie, made it only ring truer to why I was experiencing this side effects and people on the board just suggest take more laxatives. I am glad I stopped being that madness. I hope you are well and I am trying to get better.

size8jeans said...

Keep up the good work and stay strong! I am thankful I never tried Kimkins.