Friday, October 19, 2007

KTLA - Part 3

KTLA Exclusive!!! Internet diet Scam Exposed

In this 3rd installment of his expose' of 'the Kimmer' and the Kimkins diet scam, reporter Chip Yost of KTLA television station in Los Angeles tipped off viewers to some BIG NEWS I have known for some time and had been asked to keep quiet.

In the broadcast on Thursday, October 18, reporter Chip Yost features the fake success stories using stolen 'Russian bride' photos, including Kimmer's infamous 'red dress' fraud.

He leaked news of the rapidly escalating legal challenges facing Heidi K. Diaz (Kimmer) and Kimkins, reported that the lawsuit has already been filed, and that Heidi 'the Kimmer' Diaz will be required to appear for deposition on November 1, 2007.

This is a major milestone in the case against Heidi Diaz/Kimmer, and it is only the beginning of actions that will soon bring a halt to the Kimkins fraud.

To watch Part 3, click here.

The series will continue, as more information surfaces and new developments occur.

I repeat what I said after the last episode, with even more urgency:

Kimkins is winding down, and Kimmer is running out of time.

For any remaining Kimkins members, it is past time to be looking for a new forum to join. This cannot last much longer, and it will not end well.


chickycola said...

....and it's a hit out of the park!
Congratulations to everyone that has been working so hard to bring this together! You've worked quickly and efficiently and your hard work will be paying off now!


Mayberryfan said...

Kimmer is facing civil charges now, but the criminal charges CANNOT be far behind. The woman belongs behind bars where she cannot scam others and steal their money or bring physical harm to other people ever again.

Brenda Emmett said...

Ok, I've been pretty quiet about all of this, but I just have to make a comment about these news stories! I can't help but giggle everytime he calls Heidi "The Kimmer"! It is just TOOOO funny! LOL!

size8jeans said...

Thanks for this!

Orvette said...

Wow, I'm so glad to see that the courts are taking this seriously! Websites and blogs are personal, and opinions are everyone's right. But when you start taking money, you enter a whole new arena, and you'd better have some substance behind your claims and suggestions!