Monday, September 10, 2007

NOW I get it!

My deep thanks go to Stephanie, who posted a link for me to read in her comments on a recent blog post.

When I read this, I was completely blown away! It describes to a T, and much better than I could, exactly what I and the others who have gotten close enough long enough have experienced. In fact, I could think of vivid examples of every point, and i am sure others could chime in as well.

This is long, but if you are looking of insight, this is the best I've seen yet. It helps make a little possible sense of what has been a mystery to me:


theTRUTH said...

Wow. Spooky.
I feel so sorry for her kid.

Stephanie said...

Happy to help shed a little best to you. I'll see you on the new forums and maybe get to know you a bit better, too!

Susique said...

WOW, that is eye opening...(actually describes my ex mother in law to a T). Kimmers/Heidi's son may be 18 but his is still a teenager and vulnerable in my eyes. Hope someone steps in.