Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some People Just Don't Learn

OK, I know I have a lot of blogging to do to catch up. Let's see . . I need to post about:

- weight loss, low carbing, good food, some recent victories in that area, etc. --- the original purpose of this blog

- the Motion for Summary Judgment in the Kimkins case, filed by Tiedt and Cohen --- Go, John and Michael!

- the attempt by someone claiming to be Diaz' attorney Peabody to ask for my personal info via blog comment (as someone named Interested) so he/she/whoever could issue me a Cease and Desist order --- yeah, that's how most attorneys do it.

BUT, then, THIS just happened!

I recently joined Twitter and was trying to get that figured out and set up.
Part of that process allowed me to check my email accounts for contacts there who are already on Twitter.

Check out the first entry on that list:

In case you can't see that, it says:
Leslie Spiegel

I remember getting an email from someone named mommy25boys a while back, at least several months now. It seemed to be from a former Kimkins member who had left, but needed to lose some weight and was thinking about going back. She wanted to know what was going on, what I knew about the whole deal, whether she could do the diet safely, and so on. I remember that it 'felt' a little odd, but I had known someone at the Kimkins site who, as I recall, was Momto5boys, or something like that, so it seemed plausible. (Someone help me out on this one.) I have gotten hundreds of similar emails and private messages at various sites since I left Kimkins (in fact, I got one today on Facebook), so it did not seem unusual, except that I did have a funny feeling about that one. Still, I answered it.

I guarantee I did not see a sender email address of heidi.k.diaz@gmail.com on the email, or I would not even have opened it. Nor did I see the name Leslie Spiegel. I thought Momto5boys was named Marcy.

So, I am wondering if Heidi.K.Diaz hid the correct address somehow, redirected it or something, but Twitter somehow discerned the correct account of origin.

That seems weird and maybe implausible --- but then, everything about this whole situation has been weird and implausible!

Anyway, it would seem that, during the course of this lawsuit, Heidi Diaz emailed me under a false identity to fish for ammunition to use against me.

Heidi/Kimmer/Vanessa/Nicole/Noelle/Jeri/etc./etc./etc. use a false identity? I'm shocked! I thought she swore she has turned over a new leaf and given up her evil ways!

Heidi Diaz come after me? Oh, yeah. This is not nearly the first time she has done mean and dishonest things to get to me. Hmmm . . . so she thinks I should roll over, be quiet, and pull my blog . . . while she pulls stunts like this?

I don't think so.


Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

Becky, you aren't the first blogger to get the whole cease and desist email. I don't think lawyers send legal documents through email though. LOL It sounds so hokey that I'd laugh and ignore it. It's a free country and I plan on talking about scams and scammers as long as they exist!!

Becky said...

It does seem a bit ridiculous, doesn't it?
Whoever it was tried to comment back around May 22 or 23, and wanted me to give him/her all my personal contact data. Like that's a secret anyway. Heidi has it; she already had me served with legal papers once. Cottle included every detail in the court documents.

I keep meaning to blog about it, but, contrary to what Heidi Diaz might believe, her whole deal really isn't as important to me as all the many good things in my life.

About C&D notices, another friend got one yesterday. Once again, she has not been an active anti-KK blogger for ages, but she was a central figure at Kimkins against whom Heidi has a grudge.

Vickie said...

Hi Becky...I remember someone at Kimkins with a name like that...momof(insert number)boys. She was a moderator,for a short time, I think, towards the end, about the time you left.

Becky said...

Yes, I remember Momof2boys, a lovely person named Rebecca. Heidi had wanted to make her a moderator for a long time, but I resisted. I am pretty sure she was brought on when I left. When Christin also left, Heidi was going to make Rebecca the head moderator. However, during that time, Rebecca and I were in touch, and she declined the position when it was offered to her, and stepped down completely.

This was someone else. I thought it was a nice woman named Marcy. I remember a conversation we had about some photos I posted in a Flylady thread there. I had used silky draperies to make a canopy effect in my bedroon, and she thought it would work with her room, as well. (Funny what we remember. It's been over 2 years.)

Anyway, Heidi never learns not to fake and scam, and I apparently have not learned not to trust people and take them at face value.

2BIG4MYSIZE said...

Good to see you blooging again

Hope you sent all that to John.
Would love to hear the words her new lawyer uses discussing that with her.

Becky said...

Thanks, 2Big.

I haven't sent it yet, but I will.

Poor Mr. Peabody hasn't yet learned the surest thing about Ms. Diaz --- that if you get close to her, you'll end up getting burned, and the closer you get, the more she burns you.

OhYeahBabe said...

... and if her lips are moving or her keys are clicking, she is lying!

Great catch, Becky!

Becky said...

Haha! I forgot about that one!

A good catch would have been if I had discerned what was going on the first time, but, oh well, better late than never.

Susanne Barrett said...

Hi Becky -- I found your blog through Twitter, and I am so glad I have!

The steroids my osteopath put me on a couple of years ago, combined with thyroid pills, ballooned my weight up 50 pounds. Ugh! My sis-in-law, a nurse, saw the combo of meds and warned me that I would gain 50-100 lbs. I'm just glad to be on the low end of her estimate!

I've added your blog to my Google Reader; feel free to check out mine as well. :)

And I'll have to catch up on this whole lawsuit thing; I had no idea, obviously....


Becky said...

Hi, Susie. Now that I am hooked up to technology, my worlds are colliding. 'Real' life and 'online' life are intersecting.

I'm sorry you gained 50 lbs. That hurts, especially with the fibro already. It seems like the meds have helped, though, so that's good.

I empathize. As you know, I have battled weight. After I gained 80 lbs. on steroids and bedrest, I ended up 104 lbs. overweight. Ugh!

I joined a diet site, lost most of the weight, even became the forum moderator, and then the whole deal fell apart. The diet diva was found to be a TOTAL fraud. Not only was she a scammer but the diet itself had harmful side effects. It threw me; I didn't know whom to trust or how to eat. I freaked out and regained 20 lbs. I had surgery in Oct. and gained another 30 lbs. So here I am with 50 lbs. to lose but determined to do it wisely this time. So far, so good!

As for catching up on the lawsuit: Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

An obese but clever sociopathic narcissist gained footage at a popular established low carb diet site, where she claimed to have lost 198 lbs. in a year and to have maintained for 5 years. Her drastic claims and caustic passive-aggressive personality sparked flame wars which ultimately provided excuse to stomp off and open a paid membership site with impressive success stories and before/after photos.

All seemed wonderful at first. People were happy and losing weight. In June, 2007, a magazine featured the diet, 40,000 people joined, and the owner made a million+ dollars in a month. But to validate her marketing claims of "No faster weight loss, none" she pushed lower and lower calories, fasting, and even daily laxative use. People began having problems, for which she ALWAYS had an explanation (usually with a little dig at the complainant.) The gloss began to wear off and the spell was broken.

People questioned things, including photos. When her responses were unsatisfactory, some of us left. Things blew up completely when, about a month later, she was photographed at 300+ lbs, with NO resemblance to her supposed 'after' photos. The site boiled with protest and she summarily banned any "lifetime" members who dared to speak up.

Various online sites and personalities got involved in internet battles. Her supporters wanted to cling to their addictively fast weight loss and the site that enabled it, though many switched sides as evidence emerged.
Her detractors/victims felt used and abused, crushed, betrayed, defrauded, and outraged.

A fiesty woman named Jeanessa stepped up and found a brilliant health-crusading attorney named John Tiedt, who believed in the case enough to take it on contingency.

Discoveries were made which revealed that Heidi Diaz lived in a labyrinthian world of her own making, a convoluted web of deviousness and deception. She never lost any significant amount of weight, even with gastric bypass surgery. Most of her success stories were complete fabrications, with photos stolen from Russian mail-order bride sites.

She has hidden behind false identities, claimed someone else owned the site, spitefully dissipated assets to keep them from her victims, and launched vengeful campaigns, legal and otherwise, against some of the principle witnesses in the case.

She tried to countersue us; the court threw it out. She tried to file bankruptcy to halt the suit; the court threw it out. She has tried threats and intimidation; it backfires.

Meanwhile, John Tiedt and associates have scored victory after victory. John has won unprecedented rulings from the court. The case has been granted class action status, and John has petitioned the court for summary judgment. Since the defendant already admitted under oath in deposition to everything in the suit, we hope the court sees it our way. We should know soon.

Well, Susie, from one writing teacher to another --- I clearly need to tighten up my summaries and use fewer words. But, believe me, this barely scratches the surface.
This story really ought to be a book or movie.

cleochatra said...

I love you woman! Thanks for always doing what is right in your heart. You have a lot of supporters out here. I'm at least 2 of them.


Becky said...

Thank you, Jamie! Your kind words and support mean a great deal to me. You've been on the right side of this case a long time, trumpeting the truth. I hope we're all celebrating soon.

Your way with words always makes me laugh. ;-)

Prudentia said...

Excellent recap for Susie, Becky. I'm not sure it is possible to shorten it up :)

LISAinTN said...

Wow! I hadn't heard that Heidi had gastric bypass surgery! LOL How ironic, she couldn't even keep her weight under control with something as serious as surgery, yet she'd belittle those that were having trouble getting the weight loss off with her "plan". What a despicable human being. Oh wait, is she human?

Becky said...

Lisa, her son Brandon said he had never seen her lose any significant amount of weight or get anywhere near her goal weight, even after the surgery. Yet she did get snide and superior with everyone else, didn't she? Relizing now just how hypocritical that was just adds insult to injury.

My personal opinion is, first, that is simply in her antisocial nature to be nasty, and that once in a while her facade of "fake nice" slipped. Second, I think that she needed to keep us losing and losing, no matter what, to keep her marketing going.

Maybe if she had ever actually lost weight and maintained like she had claimed, she would have known how damaging her diet advice could turn out to be.

Do you think that would have stopped her?